How I Met Your Mother S09E04

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Título do Episódio: The Broken Code
Primeira Exibição: 07/10/2013

While Barney works through his anger at Ted after finding out he still has feelings for Robin, Marshall Skypes in to act as a judge and help settle their dispute. Meanwhile, Lily realizes she is Robin’s only girlfriend.


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how.i.met_.your_.mother.s09e04.720p.hdtv_.x264-2hd1 nightspiritbr -295 dias n/a Português (Brasil) (BR)
How.I.Met_.Your_.Mother.S09E04.HDTV_.x264-2HD1 nightspiritbr -295 dias n/a Português (Brasil) (BR)
How.I.Met_.Your_.Mother.S09E04.HDTV_.XviD-AFG1 nightspiritbr -295 dias n/a Português (Brasil) (BR)
How.I.Met_.Your_.Mother.S09E04.The_.Broken.Code_.720p.WEB-DL.DD5_.1.H.264-CtrlHD1 nightspiritbr -295 dias n/a Português (Brasil) (BR)
How.I.Met_.Your_.Mother.S09E04.The_.Broken.Code_.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5_.1.H.264-CtrlHD1 nightspiritbr -295 dias n/a Português (Brasil) (BR)
how.i.met_.your_.mother.s09e04.720p.hdtv_.x264-2hd mickaelprado -296 dias n/a Português (Brasil) (BR)
How.I.Met_.Your_.Mother.S09E04.HDTV_.x264-2HD mickaelprado -296 dias 4.0 / 5 Português (Brasil) (BR)
How.I.Met_.Your_.Mother.S09E04.HDTV_.XviD-AFG mickaelprado -296 dias n/a Português (Brasil) (BR)
How.I.Met_.Your_.Mother.S09E04.The_.Broken.Code_.720p.WEB-DL.DD5_.1.H.264-CtrlHD mickaelprado -296 dias n/a Português (Brasil) (BR)
How.I.Met_.Your_.Mother.S09E04.The_.Broken.Code_.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5_.1.H.264-CtrlHD mickaelprado -296 dias n/a Português (Brasil) (BR)

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